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Praise for Living All In

"Janssen’s writing shines with authenticity. The book exudes a warmth akin to an intimate coaching session, making the guidance both friendly and impactful. Living All In serves as a beacon, empowering individuals to confront their anxieties and realign expectations. With a riveting pace punctuated by inspiring quotes and valuable exercises, this book navigates life’s myriad challenges. It addresses countless facets of life, from professional pursuits to personal relationships, and even excels in areas like sports, demonstrating its universality. By cultivating focus and altering cognitive patterns, readers stand to gain immensely. In an era marred by diminishing self-confidence and looming fears, Living All In emerges as a timely intervention. It’s a clarion call against procrastination and hesitancy, urging one to seize the potential lying just beyond their apprehensions. Meriting a resounding five out of five stars, this book addresses a crucial theme and serves as the nudge many of us silently seek."

- Literary Titan
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Readers Favorite Five Star badge

"Living All In by Chris Janssen is an insightful, inspirational, and resourceful book that will empower you with the tools to get through challenging and traumatic experiences as an enlightened and renewed human being. This easy-to-read and uplifting content includes exercises and questions at the end of each chapter that allow you to reflect and apply the learnings. Living All In is a book that can help people of all ages live their best lives."

- Readers' Favorite

"Ever felt held back by circumstances or self-limiting beliefs? Creating the successful life you want starts with asking yourself what's holding you back. Living All In taught me to ask the right questions so that I could move forward - and it will help you create the life you've always wanted."

- Kristin Billerbeck
Best-Selling Author of
What a Girl Wants

"Living All In is well-organized and comprehensible, and Janssen's enthusiasm is contagious—leaving little doubt that readers will discover meaningful help throughout. This strongly written guide will strike a chord with readers seeking how to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. Janssen writes with enthusiasm, structuring each chapter around easy-to-follow recommendations and reflection activities. The prose is functional and contemporary, supporting the guide's mission to embrace positive change. Janssen's inclusion of real-life examples allows readers to relate and gain perspective from others' experiences, giving the book a seasoned feel."


- The BookLife Prize

"Chris walks readers through the process of making important life changes and leaving behind debilitating doubts. You can write directly in the book or (like I did) keep your responses in a journal, so you can return to these pages again and again. It's a great gift for yourself and anyone in your life needing sound advice and practical knowledge to move forward! Highly recommend!"

- Kathy Izard
Award-Winning Author of
The Hundred Story Home

"It's been said, 'If you finish a coaching session and you don't have a plan forward you've just had a good conversation.' Living All In is a beautiful combination of coaching and then strategic questions to ponder to help you move forward in whatever is holding you back from Living All In."

- Lisa Averill
Pastor & Coach, Westgate Church in Silicon Valley

"I absolutely love this book, it really feels like personalized coaching with a friend. The author has the gift to make profound, life-changing concepts easy to understand and to help you put them into practice. With kindness, knowledge, experience, and skill, she helps you start an internal dialogue to reflect and discern your goals, and gives you the tools to bring them into your life. The writing is engaging, inspirational and empowering. If you are going to read only one book in the subject, this is the one!"

- Gabriela Smith
MA, Harvard
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'"Chris Janssen invigorates the reader to want to make

positive changes."

- Judge, 11th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

"Through reading Living All In, I realized there are things I can do to turn all of those negative feelings into more productive, positive, motivating narrative that fuels and energizes me vs getting stuck in the feelings that are not serving me. I absolutely love this book and Chris's writing style. It is so easy to follow and the exercises are practical and not overwhelming. The optimistic, yet realistic tone is incredibly authentic and personal, just as if we were in an in person session (well almost!). I just could not put it down! Recommend to anyone and everyone!"

- Devon Wellman
NBC Universal VP, Global Brand Relations

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