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White book titled "Living All In: How to Show Up for the Life You Want" by Chris Janssen


"Living All In serves as a beacon, empowering individuals to confront their anxieties and realign expectations. With a riveting pace, this book navigates countless facets of life, from professional pursuits to personal relationships, and even excels in areas like sports, demonstrating its universality. By cultivating focus and altering cognitive patterns, readers stand to gain immensely.


Meriting a resounding five out of five stars, this book addresses a crucial theme and serves as the nudge many of us silently seek." - Literary Titan

In 2021 & 2023 Brainz Magazine named Chris one of the Top 500 Global Influential Leaders for her entrepreneurial success, resourcefulness, contributions to mental health, and dedication to helping others.

Brainz Magazine, Global Award 2021 and 2023

Chris Janssen Coaching

Purpose - Plan - Peak

Chris Janssen, MA, BCC, is a leading results coach in performance and mindset, bestselling, award-winning author, and inspiring speaker. She has worked with hundreds of sought-after professional athletes, singers, dancers, Hollywood writers, artists, authors, military soldiers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses internationally to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. In addition to her academic degrees, Chris was trained by and worked with Tony Robbins on his team of results coaches, the #1 personal development and peak performance strategy company in the world. 


With a master’s in counseling psychology and 25+ years’ experience, Chris is widely regarded by entrepreneurs and creatives. Her insights have been featured in international magazines and podcasts like Brainz Magazine and Simply Fit Podcast. 


As a board-certified coach, Chris specializes in equipping clients with tools to substitute limiting beliefs and unhelpful narratives with certainty through utilizing her successful and sustainable Living All In methods.


Her honest, strategic style will help you lead with purpose, love your plan, and perform from a peak state. Whether you’re stuck on low ground, or want to summit a plateau, Chris will help you move from good to great and great to extraordinary. She excels in working with high performers and understands the character traits associated with driven achievers. Your career, relationships, spirituality, wellness, health, habits, and mindset are important to Coach Chris.

A California native, Chris lives with her husband since 1995, Scott. They are currently Caliradoans, splitting time between Los Angeles and Castle Pines, Colorado, where they love to ski, golf, be with their horses, and adventure outside. Together they raised three children, now thriving young adults.


Chris' training includes:

Board Certified Coach (BCC) Credential, Institute For Life Coach Training

MA Counseling Psychology, Loyola Marymount University

PPS Credential, Loyola Marymount University

BA Psychology, University of San Diego

Robbins Research Intl. Coaches Academy

Gold Stamp representing Brainz Magazine Global Award Winner
Silver stamp representing Brainz Magazine Global Award Winner

Coaching Testimonials

"My coaching experience with Chris has been like getting to hold the mirror up in front of myself and liking and improving the image reflected back. Getting gas in the tank to travel the road of life." 

Ryan, COO Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Florida


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Is Chris the coach for you?

Chris is a soulful coach who cares deeply about her clients’ spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness. By involving the whole person and using practical tools, Chris will partner with you to master your goals.

Chris’ expertise is:

  • Addiction and recovery

  • Driven achievers

  • Faith-based coaching 

  • Military members and family members

  • Life in Silicon Valley and/or Los Angeles areas

  • Stay-at-home moms or dads

  • Family and couples

  • Career and financial goals

  • Small business coaching

  • Health and wellness goals

  • Athletes, artists, & peak performance coaching

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Chris' Story​

I value growth and results. I pursued a master's in counseling psychology because I have a passion for people and am energized when others understand and appreciate all they were created to be. My 25+ years experience helping others and working with counselors and therapists myself, taught me what techniques do and do not produce best results. The most exciting outcomes in my life happened when I began working with a results coach. I love coaching because I focus on what works instead of what hasn't worked in the past.

My approach centers on who and where you are right now. I believe you were created with gifts and talents specific to the life you are intended for. Humans are skilled at reminding one another of the treasure we are, the resilience we possess, and the tools necessary to live in our peak states. I will help you re-learn the loveliness inside you that may have been forgotten. 

It’s never too late to create a beautiful life, for you and those you love.

Is Coaching For You?

How are Coaching and Therapy different?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaches are trained to listen, to observe, and to customize their approach to individual client needs. Coaches provide support by strategically enhancing the clients' natural resourcefulness and creativity.

Coaching is about growth. It is not about healing. Generally, coaching is best suited for people who are either at a level of pain that has made change a must, or are already thriving and want help moving to the next level.

By introducing new approaches and using powerful questions, coaches move clients forward. A good coach prompts clients to listen to and express the true desires of their hearts. 

A Coach will listen for and focus on the gap between where a client is and where they want to be.

There is a difference between wanting to grow, and wanting to be fixed. If you desire to make a lasting, positive transformation in your life, coaching will benefit you. If you are seeking healing, therapy may be a better option. 

“You get to choose whether you tell a story that exhausts you or one that energizes you.”

From Living All In


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"You have the power to use what life brings you— instead of being used by it."

From Living All In

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